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Effortlessly Verify Assam Land Record 2024 Online with ILRMS Dharitree Assam

By naukriguruji.in

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Assam Land Record 2024

ILRMS Assam Land Record

Assam Land Record or Dharitri Assam website provides a convenient platform for Assamese individuals to access the state’s land records online, through the revenueassam.nic.in Portal, individuals can retrieve the state’s land register.

Assam Land Record 2024


In this article, we will delve into the functionalities and services available on the Dharitri Assam website, exploring the various tools and resources it offers to users.


ILRMS Integrated Land Record Management System

Authority Government Of Assam
Department Revenue And Disaster Management Department
Download(Mobile Application)

Assam Land Record

Contact Details Name: Shri Shantanu P.Gotmare, IAS.
Designation: Director of Land Records and Surveys, Assam
Email: dlrs-igr@assam.gov.in
Address: O/To Director of Land Records and Surveys, ASSAM Rupnagar, Guwahati-32

Services available on Dharitree Assam


How To Check Jamabandi Assam Land Record Online?

To access Assam’s land records online, individuals can visit Dharitree Assam, also known as ILRMS (Integrated Land Records Management System). This platform, established by Assam’s revenue department, facilitates the seamless transfer and registration of land and property within the state.

Furthermore, the Dharitree App offers mobile accessibility, allowing users to conveniently access Assam’s land records on the go.

Step 1

Go To Dharitree Homepage>Jamabandi>View Jamabandi Copy


Assam Land Record 2024


Step 2

Select Land Location:

To Check Jamabandhi Online, first check the Land Location by selecting District, Circle, Village/ Town from the list.


Assam Land Record 2024


Step 3:

Search Jamabandhi

You can search Jamabandhi by selecting any one of the 3:

  • Search By Dag Number
  • Search By Patta Number
  • Search By Pattadar Name


Assam Land Record 2024


Step 4:

Finally, You can see the Jamabandhi On Screen, You can see District Name, Circle, Division Name, Circle Name, Mouza Name, Lot Number, Patta Type, and all the necessary Information.


Assam Land Record 2024


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Banglar Bhumi 2024, effortlessly check all latest information online


How To Check Bhunaksha Online?

Step 1:

Go To the Bhunaksh Tab.


Assam Land Record 2024

Step 2:

Select the District

Assam Land Record 2024

Step 3:

Finally, You can see District, Subdivision, Circle, Lot Number, Village


Assam Land Record 2024

ILRMS: Process for Extension Of NOC:

To extend the NOC, please type the Application Number and registered mobile number click on Next, and then follow the instructions to complete the process

Assam Land Record 2024


How can I check my land record in Assam?

Visit the official website of Assam.
Click on ‘Jamanbandi’ then ‘View Jamabandi Copy’
Then Select the district, circle, and the name of the village.

Can we buy land without Patta?

Purchasing land without a patta (title deed) can be legally risky. The patta serves as evidence of ownership and is crucial for establishing legal ownership of the land. Without it, there may be uncertainties regarding ownership status, potential disputes, or complications in future transactions. It’s highly advisable to ensure that any land purchase comes with clear and legally recognized documentation, including a valid patta or title deed. Consulting legal experts familiar with property laws is essential to navigate any complexities and ensure a secure transaction.

What is Mission Basundhara?

Initiated by Assam’s Chief Minister, ‘Mission Basundhara’ seeks to expedite land revenue services, enhancing citizen accessibility. It aims to reduce record update delays, streamline processes, and foster a conducive business environment in land management.


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